America Divided

An independent national poll from Two Paths America conducted in both December 2017 and November 2018 shows that American voters believe that the country is on the wrong track and political and racial divisions are threatening to tear the nation apart.

Fortunately, these surveys and focus groups revealed that an overwhelming majority of voters believe America can and must heal today’s divisions, and they are not counting on elected officials, journalists, or community leaders to drive that change.  In fact, two-thirds of voters believe that the American people can heal these divisions and bring about positive change. 

Voters believe that healing our divides can begin by recognizing the shared humanity of those with whom we disagree, and accepting the fact that they care for same core values we do, specifically freedom and family.

The Two Paths America poll and focus groups were conducted by Brilliant Corners and The Tarrance Group. Focus groups were held in Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Columbus and Orlando.



  • We already come together during times of disaster.

  • We need to stop treating each other like enemies.

  • We recognize that political divisions have overtaken racial divisions as the top concern.

  • We believe that we can heal these divisions.

For the poll results behind these takeaways, click here.