When we unite, America always wins.


We have been told that our country is polarized. But, we believe there is more that bring us together than divides us and that when we do come together, when we unite, America always wins. Our strength is that our country is bound by shared ideas, by communities and families and people who are free, creative and giving.

Our country has choices to make. Our founders set a course and as we continue the journey forward with each great question before us, each great challenge, we will confront forks in the road -- two paths. Two Paths America is dedicated to facing those choices and finding agreement on the path to take. We can restore our economy and communities, rebuild our military, make America safe from terrorism and re-engage as the leader in the world again. We can do this with reasonable and proven solutions rooted in the American ideals that have seen us through tough days before.


We Believe In


Our National Security

Our Country's Fiscal ResponsIBILITY

Our Citizenship & Our Communities